"Open Minds, Open Dialogue"

The Endless Pursuit

Open Dialogue began as a reaction to the division that surrounds. More than ever, we engage not to understand each other but to protect our own perspective.

We live for the passion and learnings that accompany powerful stories. They're the underlying energy that motivates us to find connection in an often fragmented and disparate world.

M.C. Ceramics for Open Dialogue

Conversations give us life and vitality. It can challenge our beliefs or provide a moment of comfort when we need it most. Together with our friend Mariane Chan and her eponymous label M.C. Ceramics, we created this sake set that celebrates those great conversations over a cup of sake. We popped into her studio to see her in action as she worked through each specific step. Within each piece, it's our goal for you to discover the small nooks and crannies that make this a true labor of love.

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